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KIC is a youth media organisation helping young people reach their full potential. We're also a pretty awesome radio station!

KICFM is a young person's community radio station based in Wolverhampton. We broadcast 24/7 online across the world! We're looking for young people between the ages 18-24 who aren't in education, employment or in training to join our dynamic team. No experience required, you only need a bit of enthusiasm and you'll fit right in!

KIC provide full training for our volunteers in the field they're interested in, so if you fancy becoming a presenter/producer/journalist/researcher come and explore our industry standard studios.

You'll also have the opportunity to broadcast live, take compete control of the station and see what a radio station is like behind the scenes.

It's a fantastic place to build your confidence, meet some new people and have a lot of fun!

Unlike so called work experience at other radio stations, at KIC, you're in complete control of the station. KIC looks amazing on your CV, whatever you want to do in the future so get in touch, it's all free!

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